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Google Chairman Invests in Rich-Media Display-Ad Startup

Eric Schmidt’s endorsement surely reinforces the opportunity for more interactive display… and the resurgence of display advertising.

Adaptive Avenue Gains Engelbart Endorsement

Content Granularity Meets Dynamic Browser
Adaptive Avenue today announced the endorsement of Adaptive StudioTM by Doug Engelbart. The principals of Adaptive Avenue gathered with Engelbart (computing pioneer; inventor of the interactive user interface and associated pointing device; developer of the first operational hypertext system; director of the Internet’s first Network Information Center) at his Atherton, CA enclave in August 2003 and again in November 2003 for a series of ‘whiteboard sessions’ to consider the future of content management and Web viewing. As a result of those sessions, Engelbart offered the following perspective on the emerging landscape and the relevance of Adaptive Studio.

“Web viewing methods need to co-evolve with content modularity in order for the Web to become more useful and adapt to various user needs. Adaptive Studio is a unique platform that serves increasingly modular content in more flexible ways.”

“The dialogue was a significant reality check for us,” remarked Marcelo Hoffmann, a senior industry analyst at Stanford Research Institute, an expert in knowledge management and interactive learning environments, and a director of Adaptive Avenue. “It validated that we’re steering a proper course toward improving the usability and accessibility of the Web. Doug has historically been both an iconoclast and a standard-setter in the realm of human interface design, and his judgment and insight are invaluable to us.”

Adaptive Avenue is setting its sights on seamless integration with content management systems. By integrating with a range of content management systems, Adaptive Studio will support the trend toward semantic structure and more granular content. “The early Web was limited by hierarchical structure,” explained David Quimby, founder and CEO of Adaptive Avenue. “The current Web is limited by the static browser. Dynamic transport and semantic organization are inherently symbiotic. Object handlers like Adaptive Studio, as content drivers, will enable increased content modularity and a more adaptive user experience.” Adaptive Avenue positions its Web-acceleration platform as a ‘hyperbrowser’ or ‘performer’ (vs. browser or player). Adaptive Studio doesn’t author, store, or organize content–it simply serves it to the Web browser in static or dynamic sequences. “Time, not space, is the primary dimension of our content-management model,” continued Hoffmann. “Our time-oriented approach is the singular aspect that radically differentiates our service and defines the category that we’re establishing.”

The Engelbart testimonial validates the gap between the need for more modular content and the capabilities of current viewing environments… and it sets the stage for Adaptive Studio’s positioning as a transport layer to bridge that gap. With the emergence of Adaptive Studio and similar presentation engines, Web viewers can expect an increasing range of viewing options between animation and streaming media (at the high end) and static, point-and-click navigation (at the low end).

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