An Improved Experience for Advertisers & Viewers

Advantages for Advertisers

Adaptive Avenue offers an easy-to-use ad creation interface that enables implementation and optimization of ad layout and content without programming. Advertisers have experienced user activity rates that are 2x – 4x greater than conventional ad formats, resulting in increased lead quality, conversion, and return on investment (ROI).

  • Active presentation combined with flexible content
  • High reach with high utility
  • Improved lead quality and conversion rates
  • Lightweight creative and delivery process

“I was quite pleased with the results we gathered. It allowed us to find a bunch of local sites and put our inventory within that site. You didn’t have to leave the environment you were in. You could search and play around without going to another Web site.”  – Katie Jackson-Richter, Account Supervisor at Cuneo Advertising / – Minneapolis, MN

“We used Adaptive Avenue to move some of the oldest inventory on our lot. I was pretty skeptical. But when 9 of 12 cars were sold within a week, it changed my mind.”  – Bill Krouse, General Manager, Polar Mazda – St. Paul, MN

Advantages for Viewers

Adaptive Avenue offers a more engaging and relevant experience. With the ability to customize the information delivered within the display ad, the viewer is in control. This capability makes the interactive display ad a uniquely one-on-one experience.

Users can click through and link directly to the site-based detail page of any specific offer, minimizing the number of clicks to destination.