Innovative Technology in Display Advertising

Innovative Technology in Display Advertising

Adaptive Avenue is a high-performance display ad format with unique capabilities for engaging consumers, improving conversion, and gaining consumer insight.

Advertiser-defined and viewer-controlled display format improves the transparency and visibility of deep Web content with more flexibility and less overhead than animation and streaming media. The unique in-frame filtering capability enables direct access to information without expanding the display area or redirecting the viewer.

A non-technical curator built each application in 1-2 hours using our proprietary composition interface, without custom development or technical intervention.

Key Features

  • Database-driven content, providing accurate, real-time information
  • Customized by viewer, resulting in more relevant ads
  • Generated with a simple Web form, making ad creation fast and easy
  • Deployed on any Web site using a single line of code
  • Integrated with standard Web analytics applications

Expert Endorsement

Adaptive Avenue is endorsed by Doug Engelbart – inventor of the computer mouse and developer of the first operational hypertext system.

“Web viewing methods need to co-evolve with content modularity in order for the Web to become more useful and adapt to various user needs. Adaptive Studio is a unique platform that serves increasingly modular content in more flexible ways.”

Industry Publication

Adaptive Avenue is featured in XML Journal.