David Quimby– Founder / CEO

David Quimby is the founder and CEO of Adaptive Avenue and has a diverse background in industry, research, and consulting.  Quimby was a pioneer in the industrial application of client / server architecture and he conducted large-scale system planning for NASA and the U.S. Air Force. He is a published photographer  who has traveled on six continents, and is also a featured author in XML Journal.

  • VP of technology – U.S. corporate group, Bank of America
  • Senior industry analyst – Stanford Research Institute
  • Senior consultant – Deloitte & Touche
  • MBA / organizational behavior and sociotechnical systems – UC / Berkeley
  • BA / mathematical and developmental economics – UCLA
  • Collaborated with Doug Engelbart – inventor of graphical user interface (GUI)
“David’s absolute passion for what he does is infectious. He really does go above and beyond to make your life easy during these projects.”  – Katie Jackson-Richter, Account Supervisor at Cuneo Advertising / CarSoup.com – Minneapolis, MN

Jean Rovelstad  –  Director of Sales / Marketing

  • Sales Manager – Jasc Software (PaintShop Pro)
  • Sales Representative – AT&T Wireless
  • BA / political science + urban studies – St. Olaf College

Peter Beacom  –  Director of Product Development

  • Software Engineer – Thomson Reuters
  • MS / software engineering – University of St. Thomas
  • BS / computer science and linguistics – University of Minnesota