Adaptive Avenue @ Best Buy (Remix)

Exercising the unique advantages of Remix…

We built the following suite of Best Buy ad units using ‘Remix‘, Best Buy’s application programming interface (API). An API is a publicly-available view of Best Buy’s vast product catalog.

These ad units are designed to leverage Remix-specific product attributes — attributes that are not available in Best Buy’s product feed for Commission Junction. We used a range of attributes to filter the product catalog by various dimensions and actively promote various product sets / catalog views. Once conceived, we built each ad unit in minutes — without custom development or technical intervention. We simply varied the Remix query that is attached to our presentation layer for each ad unit.We emphasized the following product attributes / promotional dimensions for this suite of ad units.-  Sales Rank –  Release Date –  Nationally Featured –  On Sale –  Free Shipping –  Customer Review AverageImagine the possibilities… many other variations are possible!


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